Step 1

Seperate dropper from blue bottle

Step 2

Carefully remove your oli oli label

Step 3

Reuse your bottle and give it another life or Recycle through Terracycle (+ your dropper)

Step 4

Cardboard is 100% recyclable, so add to your general recycling bin


Recycle responsibly
Our blue vessels are not only 100% recyclable, they protect and maintain the quality of the product inside and during manufacturing they produce significantly less carbon emissions than plastic. 
We carefully selected our labels to be removed with ease leaving no adhesive residue so that our bottles can be both reused and recycled. We encourage our customers to responsibly recycle through the Terracycle program.
Reuse creatively
You can use your empty oli oli bottle for any other face, body or hair care liquids (+ it is the perfect travel size vessel for your next little getaway).
Bring some zen into your living space and use your bottles as an incense burner. Or put a small fresh posy of flowers in it and sit against a window sill where the blue glass can shine in all its glory.
If you have creative ways of reusing your bottle please share it with us @byolioli