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Cactus Face

Opuntia Ficus-Indica —
“The miracle plant.”


You love Cactus Face —

5.0 average
45 reviews is quite literally heaven in a bottle. I can’t stop recommending it, I think it’s a staple that every single person should have.


I’m not one to often repurchase skincare, but after receiving this bottle of goodness as a gift from a friend, it truly changed my world..


I am obsessed with this product!
My skin it noticeably more glowing. People have literally been saying to me 'wow your skin looks great'


My skin (oily) is loving it, doesn't feel heavy or oily during the day like some other oils, and I've noticed a little glow in my skin since using. It's pure magic.


..It has reignited my confidence and it’s so nice to not feel embarrassed about my natural skin anymore.


The scent is delicious, and it keeps my skin looking fresh and well-hydrated. I love how it makes my skin feel – soft and nourished.


I’m extremely happy that I’ve finally found an oil that doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin and works so well with makeup!


It is the perfect way to start and finish every day!


..I love how light and non greasy the oil is and yet when applied my skin is left so duey and hydrated!


It feels amazing and not suffocating like some oils can. I absolutely adore this product!


Sculpting tools

Learn about the traditional practice of 'Gua Sha' — improving your daily routine, and embrace both beauty and health benefits.