Sculpting Tool Techniques

Wash sculpting tool in warm soapy water before first use. We recommend wiping sculpting tool with a soft cloth before and after each use to avoid spreading any bacteria or oil build up. Use a wet soapy cloth when required. 

Ensure skin is freshly cleansed and allow up to 5-10 minutes for your sculpting facial, repeating each technique slowly and deliberately with the tool laid as flat to the skin as possible. Pressure can vary from featherlight to more firm. For a more meditative facial coordinate your breathing with each stroke.

We recommend that you pull the sculpting tool across your face rather than push it. Use the same hand as the side of the face you are working on. Anchor your skin where you begin each stroke using your other hand. And lastly, let your face be the guide - move the tool across the natural features of your face and let your muscular system tell you where you should put your focus and where the tension lies within your face, as this may change daily. 

Micro Sculpting Tool in Warm Onyx 

Our Micro Sculpting Tool is specifically designed for targeted treatment of the under eye area, hairline, lips, chin and cheekbones. 

Eyes: Use featherlight pressure on the eye area. To target puffy eyes close your eyes and move the tool from the inner corner of your eye outwards towards the top of your ears.
For your under eye area glide the tool from the inner corner of your under eye outwards and upwards into your hairline above your ears.
For a non surgical eye lift place the long side of the sculpting tool over the brow and lift by slow gliding from right under the brow and up towards the hairline over the forehead. Repeat 10 times with medium pressure. 

Lips: With your non-dominant hand, hold your lips taut and use the curved notch of the tool with light pressure in gentle yet rapid strokes to provide just enough friction along the outer edge of the lips to encourage colour and plumpness in the lips.
For treatment of the general mouth area slowly and lightly glide the sculpting tool from the middle of your mouth to the bottom of your ear. 

Chin: Using the curved notch scrape from the soft area under your chin out to the bottom of your ear along the jawline. 

Cheekbones: Glide the sculpting tool from the side of the nose, across the cheek and up again to the middle of your ear. 

Signature Sculpting Tool in White Jade 

Our Signature Sculpting Tool is designed for an all encompassing full body experience. 

Neck: Use in upward sweeping motions, from collarbone to chin. Position the flat side of the sculpting tool on the top of the shoulder and stroke it upward to where your jaw meets your ear. Repeat on the other side. Place the curved notch of the sculpting tool where your collarbones meet, and drag it up the midline of the throat up to (but not over) your chin. Repeat on each side of the throat.

Décolletage: Press and sweep in a semi circular motion from the centre of your chest outwards to engage your heart meridian, repeat on both sides.   

Arms: Sweep Sculpting Tool from elbow to shoulder with long upwards strokes. 

Legs: Start at the ankle with long upwards strokes, working the inner and then outer part of the leg.